Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I bet..'re stronger than yesterday & tomorrow you'll be stronger than today."

I read that tonight. Awesome, isn't it? So simple, & yet so true.

I need things like that. Little tiny nuggets of truth that seem to make even the most horrible of days bearable. Today, I feel like a wretched, horrible person. There are so many blessing that I'm given on a daily basis, but I've spent all day wondering when the other shoe will drop. What a bad attitude to have. Luckily I've been able to put on the happy face for the kids & everyone I've seen today, so it's only eating at me. Today was a good day. A very good day. I got some amazing news. The kiddos were angels.

(Okay, so Chop cried for a good hour while Keira was sitting him, but he stopped as soon as I walked in the door, & honestly, who doesn't get a tiny pang of joy when no one is good enough for their kid but Mama? Sorry Keira, you know we love you!)

Yep. Today was a good day. Why so gloomy when everything is going so well? I don't know either. So tonight, while I really should be doing homework, or at the very least studying for my English final that is less that 24 hours away, I'm going to think happy thoughts.

Let's see.. Happy thoughts.

- coffee - coffee is pretty much my favorite thing. Even Dave knows that there is almost nothing that a good Java Chip from the local coffee dive won't fix.

- baby kisses - the slobbery ones that Chop has started laying all over my cheeks that sometimes end with a little "Num num num!" because he thinks it's hilarious. Turtle hugs are just as good.

- finding a random 10 minutes alone - even if it means hiding in the bathroom.

- getting to shave both legs in one shower - anyone who has kids knows that this is 'nuff said.

- finding a $20 in your hoodie - who doesn't love that?

- the random things my kids do - my kids are little clowns. They'll do dang near anything to get a laugh. A few weeks ago I found Turtle with our big, round laundry tub on her back with her arms through the rope handles. She then proceeded to start rolling down the hallway with it still on her back. When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she says, "I'm a turtle, Mama! A turrrrtle!" If that doesn't make you laugh, you have no heart.

- getting good grades on papers you worked super hard on (& ones you kinda sorta worked hard on).

and last but not least..

- emails - yep. I've gotten three in the last two days. In all of our patrols, this has never happened at the begining. I usually wait weeks & weeks before I hear anything from him. I sure do love that boy..


  1. Oh so happy you got some e-mails Miranda. That must have eased your heart. Keep looking for the good stuff...but it's OK to feel the bad stuff, too.