Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here we go again..

This week has been ridiculous. A little rough at times, but mostly good ridiculous. I was super behind on homework due to being sick for almost two weeks, but I'm caught up for the most part. I still have a couple essays to work on, but who needs essays on a day like today? Not me. I kid, I kid. There's time for all that.

So besides homework craziness, there was more craziness from the Navy - we're leaving, we're not leaving, we're leaving.. No, no, just kidding, we're not leaving. Saturday? Really? Who want to get underway on a Saturday? Saturdays are for fun things, not going underway! Appearantly someone agreed with me. Dave had duty Friday & was stuck on the boat. He called at 8ish, just as we (Dad, a girlfriend of mine, the kiddos, & I) were sitting down to grub on the perfect steaks Dave had hand picked the day before that were supposed to be his last dinner but never made it to the grill that night. Like I'm going to let some of the finest NY strips this side of - well.. where are the best cows? California? They're happy, or something, right?- go to waste just because he's leaving? No sir. He says all is well & they're on schedule. Booo to that I tell him, with a big ol' mouthful of yumminess. He knows me all too well & totally called me on it. I gave him my reasoning & he agreed - no need to let them go bad. Yay! More steak for me! He gave me his list of last minute things he'd forgotten - shower shoes, his Ipod & charger, ect - which I'd already bought & gotten ready for him because I'm that awesome, & said he'd call before they got underway. After dinner was done & everyone had gone home, he called again to tell me something (we'll just leave it at something, what with OPSEC & all) had happened & they wouldn't be going afterall. First reaction - lots of happy screams & jumping around. Second reaction - guilt, accompanied by "uh oh, maybe I should have waited on the steaks?" All is well that ends well, I guess, & we totally lucked out & ended up with an extra day. It was much needed, although I spent most of it working on homework. I finally made the tuna casserole he's been requesting all in port & he was as happy as a pig in slop, even with the steak fiasco.

That brings us to today. Today is the day that the boat said time's up & that they need him more than I do. So here we go again, round number five - not that I'm counting or anything.

We spent this entire in port discussing whether Dave should re-up, especially after the bonuses disappeared in March & we weren't sure if even the new fiscal year would bring them back. The new fiscal year did indeed bring the promise of bonuses & everyone has told him if he's going to re-up, he better do it while the getting's good. We're both well aware that the economy is in shambles, so getting out isn't an option for the majority. So Dave is all set to re-up this patrol which leaves us on the boat for at least two more years, & then shore duty. Hooray shore duty! I can't even imagine what it will be like to have him home for three years. He's been gone half our marriage! I'll just be tickled pink - until he starts driving me crazy, which is enevitable when you're used to someone being gone half the year.

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