Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bunch of sickos

It never fails to amaze me how quickly a bug can spread around this house. When I hear one of us cough it makes me shudder, the knowledge that whatever germs that person has brought home will soon be shared by at least one more of us. This latest round was shared courtesy of Chop. How that happened I'll never know seeing as he doesn't go anywhere I don't go, & we hadn't been out much the last few weeks. The fact that he has a thing for chewing on the handle of shopping carts probably doesn't help matters. Hmm.. I think I just solved the mystery.

Moving on..

This latest quarantine brought back the quilting bug that bit me right around this time last year. Who doesn't like to curl up on the couch with a comfy blanket when they're sick? That's one of the only bonuses of being sick as far as I can tell. (Especially since college professors really couldn't care less if you get behind on your homework because you're coughing & sneezing your brains out - whoda thunk it?)

Last year's quilting experiment produced little - a few random scraps that I've never been able to figure out what to do with, a new-to-me sewing machine that I bought second hand & could never even figure out how to thread - Kristy, help! - lots of pricked fingers, & finally, a glorious lovey blanket for Chop that he toted around for a week & then discarded as if his poor horribly uncrafty mother hadn't spent weeks working on it. After that, the quilting materials were stashed away in the laundry room cupboard, a reminder of my utter failure at being one of "those" moms. You know, those wonderfully crafty women who can make Halloween costumes that look way better than the store bought ones in under an hour; who can make perfect cupcakes without covering their kitchen in batter & almost catching the house on fire because of a mixer malfunction; or the one who can turn a crappy old broken mirror into a sweet work of art that adorns their laundry room. (Cough, cough.. Allie!)

Nope. No reminder needed. I'm the epitome of uncrafty.

With that said, I refuse to be the uncrafty one anymore. If my sister can turn a few scraps of fabric into a perfectly creepy skull & crossbones apron for me, by God, I can make a quilt. A quilt that Turtle will be proud to display on her bed & maybe even take to college with her. A quilt that will not be discarded like the bottles Chop no longer has a need for. (Yes, you read that correctly - Chop randomly decided he was no longer a bottle kind of kid & would much prefer a sippy cup, thank you very much Daddy! - because for some reason he calls me Daddy rather than Mama - whatever.)

So after scouring every quilting site known to the 'net, I made the long drive to JoAnns's last night & am now the proud new owner of several yards of fabrics - pictures to follow. Nifty, nifty. You're probably wondering who would possibly want to make a quilt out of skully fabric. Well.. Me. That's who. Me & my very excited Turtle who is almost as into the whole skully thing as me. Oh, & another interesting tidbit - appearantly it's in the genes - Dad reminded me when he saw the *amazing* skully jewelry Dave surprised me with the other night, that he has a skully on the Harley. Oh yeah, that's right! My reply was, That's so freakin' cute Dad!, exactly what he wanted to hear about his big tough Iron Head, I'm sure.

So that's it. I'm making a quilt. I will succeed. I will. Because I'm the little engine that can!

(Appearantly I forgot to post this one last weekend, so it was actually 10/3, not so much 10/11)

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