Monday, September 21, 2009

Giddy as a school girl..

I've been possessed by random thoughts as of late. Random thoughts that could, but probably shouldn't, be posted on the "family" blog that only the in-laws & grandparents read. They are way more interested in pictures of the kids and other mommy stuff than my spontaneous rants on ACORN or the sweetest tattoo flip flops I've ever seen.

Besides, as we all know, because I've talking about it pretty much constantly for almost a month now, I'm in college. (Insert random "your mom goes to college" joke here.) My English comp professor is encouraging us to write out our thoughts & processes in hopes of helping us become better writers. I get it - use it or lose it, sister! Maybe I'll be able to put all my ramblings to good & hopefully up my GPA in the process. AND, maybe, just maybe, I'll actually update this one a little more than I do the family blog.

Let the brain stretching begin!